I was born in France where I studied history of art. In 1975, I was awarded a cultural exchange grant by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and came to Spain to complete my studies. Since then I have lived in Spain working on textiles.
In 1979, I moved to Bubión, a small village in the Alpujarra, on the southern slope of Sierra Nevada, fascinated by the landscape and the typical architecture of this area . At the same time, my purpose was to recover the local textile tradition which had desappeared long ago but was testified by old weavings such as the “sábanas de lana”.even if there were no loom left . The looms I work with are old traditional looms I rescued in Granada. Since then, I continued with this textile tradition as a basic part of the cultural heritage of this area, by weaving on a thin warp of cotton. At the same time I introduced innovations by using natural fibers such as mohair, alpaga, linen etc. In fact I think that craft is something alive and always changing. So I developed my own investigations into both counterbalanced treadle looms and tapestry looms , mini-textiles and the dyeing of silk (shibori). The quality of the yarns I use and my “savoir faire” are my best cards. I attended many courses, exhibitions and competitions keeping me contact with the textile world. To let my work to be known and spread the essence of Textile, since I started weaving in Bubión, my workshop was opened to the public offering a permanent exhibition and the possibility to order specific works designed through the dialogue with my clients. Nowadays, I go on with my textile creations in tapestries, shibori and mini-textile with the purpose of taking part in textile events and exhibitions. Some of my works are in private collections in France, Spain; Germany, England, Sweden, Maroc and Finland as well as in the following museums: the Textile Museum of Cholet (France) and the museums of Jaén and Genalguacil (Spain) .

Nade Favreau - Taller del Telar
C/ Trinidad, 11
18412 Bubión - Granada
(+34) 958 763 171 +(34) 616 19 51 79

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